My Long Tail Content Strategy is Still Delivering Results

I’ve been in the SEO business for a total of 10 years now. I took a break from the year 2000 through 2003 while completing my BS degree at Purdue University. The changes that occurred in the SEO space during those three years were the most profound in my opinion. Google had come out with the PageRank algorithm and the Florida update was all the rage in 2003. I had a lot to learn, but it wasn’t as complicated as some may think. Page titles, meta tags and keyword use in content were still part of the game, but I had to learn how links played a roll in search. More importantly I began to intuitively understand what modern search engines were going to pay attention to. Google basically wants to perform a background check on your website. They want to review references and poll the market about the content on your website.

Recent “news” about the social signals that Google and Bing are now incorporating into search wasn’t actually news to me at all. I’ve been working on systems to “game” social signals with my team at Slingshot SEO for over a year now. Any information or data that Google and Bing can use to determine how popular the content on your website is, they will use. Does someone “Like” your website or post? Did they share it on Facebook or retweet it? All of these factors can and will be weighted differently, but if the data is available for your market modern search engines will use it. Any one of these signals may not tell search engines how relevant your content is, but when they’re combined they paint a picture that is very relevant to these search engines determining what content to rank highly for specific queries.

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